Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My 2010 H!P Ranking

Hahah, I haven't posted anything in such a long time, have I? I was planning on doing a 10 My Me review, but I haven't gotten around to it, and I was going to do a Melon's Not Dead review, but I don't care anymore, and I was going to do a 6th Otakebi review, but it sucked.

Anyway, Paul over at Hello! Blog recently posted his 2010 H!P ranking, and I filled out mine right away. It was hard to place a lot of people, mainly because I don't care about C-ute since Erika left and I don't know S/mileage.


1) Junjun - It's pretty basic knowledge that I worship Junjun. She's hilarious, gorgeous, quirky, and is one of the most exciting live performers that H!P has right now (I'm looking at you, ninja kick at Chanpuru concert). Her singing is getting steadily better and I only love her more and more. ;D

2) Linlin - Linlin has skyrocketed from her previous role as Junjun's less interesting counterpart. Now I find her appearance a treat, her voice a nice change from the norm, and she gets prettier everyday. <3

3) Maasa - Maasa is awesome. For a long time, she was the token "fat girl" and she was just a round face amongst the cuties. I really took notice of her with her photobook; she leapt straight to the top of my list of favorite Berryz'. I love her voice, too, and she deserves more attention than she gets.

4) Yurina - I love Yurina. She's almost as tall as I am, and how can you not like that? Us tall girls gotta stick together. ;D She's all arms and legs, and I find her awkwardness endearing. Plus, lately she's become a total hottie. <3

5) Gaki - Gaki probably would have been higher on my list if they hadn't killed her hair. D'= Granny haircut, do not want. But really, her greatest asset is her stage presence, and even though I find photos of her unbearable now, on stage she shines.

6) Kame - Kame and Gaki are always really close. xD I love Kame, I truly do, but after wowing me in 2008 and 2009, I feel like she needs to bring something new to the table before I start listing her in my top 5.

7) Risako - Risako, oh how I love you. She's the diva of Berryz, but I find that that she's oddly likable about it. She's a very stable singer and brings a mature, controlled edge to her group, and her speaking voice is flail for some reason. xD

8) Maimi - Maimiiiii~ Maimi has two things that I adore: her rough voice and her legs. She's really been rocking the short hair, even though now she has the same exact haircut as a boy in my Japanese class.

9) Captain - Captaiiin~ I love Captain, especially now that they've found a good hairstyle for her.... Only took them six years. She's a tiny girl, but an amazing dancer, and I appreciate her presence in the group almost every day.

10) Takahashi - Takahashi is up here because of her voice, of her looks, and the recent indications that she might be regaining her personality. She's a lot more comfortable in her own skin than she ever has been, and I find the new confidence a positive change.

11) Chisato - I don't know anyone who doesn't like Chisato. You can't hate her. She's just so awkward, with her eyebrows, and recently she's become a little hottie, hasn't she?

12) Chinami - Chinami was once one of my favorite members of Berryz, but her cuteness doesn't hold on as hard as it once did. She's adorable, and I love her, but she's been flying under the radar for a while.

13) Miyabi - Last year, I loved Miyabi. She's still my favorite member of Buono, but considering the other two choices are Airi and Momoko, she kinda wins by default. I like her better with the short hair; the recent extensions have been turning me off for some reason.

14) Tanaka - I really like Tanaka when she's being Tanaka, just camerawhoring and joking around with the other girls. When she opens her mouth to sing and steps on stage for a performance, my affection for her decreases exponentially.

15) Ogawa - I really don't know any of the S/mileage girls, but Ogawa stuck out to me when I was watching the Egg concerts. Also, she's HOT with the smoky eye makeup. OwO

16) Saki - C-ute's hard, because aside from Maimi, Erika, and Megumi I really don't care about any of them. Saki has become gorgeous lately, which is why she's relatively high up, but she needs to stop the fish mouth thing. D'=

17) Airi - Airi is Airi. She has the awful teeth that I find charming, and she's a steady singer, but I must be suffering from an Airi overload, because I see her too much to actually develop any real fondness for her.

18) Maeda - Maeda's up here so high because she's arguably the best singer of S/mileage and has the most experience in main H!P, and I respect a girl who can stand up in front of a packed stadium and sing a solo around talented seniors.

19) Mano - I have a love/hate relationship with Mano. She's okay when she's intruding the Egg concerts and helping the S/mileage girls with their inferiority complexes, but I hate her personality (or lack thereof) and most of her solo career. Haru no Arashi was okay.

20) Momoko - Momoko! I love Momoko in performances like Jiriri Kiteru at the Rock'n Buono 2 concert. I dislike her everywhere else.

21) Mai - Mai. I have never thought about Mai. She just ended up at the bottom because I actually have opinions about everyone else.

22) Wada - See above.

23) Kanon - Kanon irks me because it's obvious she's popular because resembles. Kago.. GET YOUR OWN FACE.

24) Shige - I'm starting to warm up to Shige as a person, but I still can't stand her self-centered-ness (it's been getting better lately; I'll take that as a sign of maturity) and her voice makes me want to cry. Still, she is no match to number 25...

25) Aika - Awful personality, awful voice, nonexistent stage presence or originality, unpleasant, the list goes on. Long story short, I'm not swayed by a cute face, and I won't let a cute face make up for lack of everything else.

And the groups: ;D