Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Girl Behind the Wit

I'm not exactly sure if I have any wit so far, but I thought that I should introduce myself to the one follower of this blog. =D

(You are my favorite person evar, whomever you are. x3 At least, today you are)

My name is Taylor, but I thoroughly feel that to achieve the things we want in life we must pretend that we have them, so I go by a cute name, Kokoro. =D I don't think a unisex name like Taylor is very cute. And why do we call them unisex names, anyway? I know they can be used for both boys and girls, but when you say unisex, it reminds me of leotards or long underwear.

(Don't ask.)

I'm sixteen years old, and will be seventeen in July. I am a junior in high school, in two AP classes, struggling through Physics, sucking in Algebra 2, and just barely working in Japanese 3. =D

So, yeah, I'm in my third year of taking Japanese, so I can understand a handful of whatever the hell Morning Musume says in interviews or behind-the-scenes stuff. Enough to get the gist of the comedy, but it's not like I catch everything. Like Sayu not counting in beach volleyball. I really wish I had gotten that the first time I watch Alo-hello, without the subtitles. 'Cause it's always better the first time. =D

I sometimes make mistakes when translating things I hear or read, because I mostly BS it anyway. =D So please don't ask me to translate anything for you. Unless you want something completely different that what they are really saying.

I'm an avid groupdubber, and I have been in over 100 completed group dubs, plus about 20 solo dubs or so...

I'm told I sound most like Iida Kaori. At least, I used to. My voice has gotten a bit cuter and less breathy (xD) so I don't know who I sound like now.

I'm part of both the anime and Japanese clubs at my school.

I am currently learning how to play the piano. I suck.

My best features are my hands. They're very graceful and feminine looking, thank you very much. =3

I'm six feet tall and kinda clumsy, with blondish-brown hair that's wavy and cut in a princess-style. I have glasses like all geeks do, and most of my shoes have at least a two inch heel.

I love shoes with big heels. =D

I love sweets and Japanese food. I've been to Japan once and am going again in February.

I first heard of Morning Musume from my friend in the sixth or seventh grade, so this was back in 2003/2004. We only watched the random karaoke game, and I honestly could not tell the members apart.

I listened to Koko ni Iruzee maybe once, but then I stopped all together. A year later, I listened to a few more songs, but I lost interest.

The next year I listened to more songs, mainly from the 5th gen era. I downloaded some singles and they were on my iPod. But I still didn't pay much attention.

Then in late 2007, I started listening to them more and watching their videos. I started being able to tell them apart and learn their names. I learned the songs and even started listening to the older generations. In the late spring, I auditioned for my first groupdub.

Sakura Mankai. Then another, and another... Next thing I knew, I was mixing and planning and auditioning for groupdubs.

In June my friend Hotaru and I planned to open our own groupdubbing project, Unagi Musume Project. Originally it would have precasted spots and would follow the history of Morning Musume. That forced me to listen to their entire discography and learn the new members, Koharu to the Pandas.

Over the summer I became more obsessed, and at some point I fell victim of Junjun's adorableness and fell for her hard.

In the beginning, I, like most people, were attracted to the people with the strongest personalities: Yossie, Aibon, Nono... But now I like a myriad of members, from Ishiguro to Yaguchi to Iida to Gaki to Mittsi...

I do listen to all of the subgroups and shuffles, with the exception of T&C Bomber. However, I mean to follow them more. xD And Coconuts. But they're hard to love, with the exception of Ayaka and Mika.

(I could rant about Danielle, but I don't feel like it)

Yes, so now you know a bit about me. Sorry for rambling, and thanks for reading~

A Bit of Homemade Valentine's Chocolate

Wait, is this friendship or love chocolate?

So Ayaya's newest single PV was posted today. =3

It will be released on February 11th as a gift to her fans.

(What a great month February will be...!)

It is appropriately titled 'Chocolate Damashii'. And it has a chocolate theme. =3

Frankly, this might be one of my favorite singles from her. =O It's giving Tropical Koishiteru a run for its cute, tennis-y money. And that's saying a lot, because I love the crap out of that song.

This is also the most beautiful I've EVER seen Ayaya. I mean, the cover of Omoi Afurete was gorgeous enough, but I love her in this.

She was pretty in Kizuna, yes, but I feel she has finally ditched that cute, teenage image she's been stuck with since her debut. (Well, it was appropriate when she was a cute teenager, but still... Even her later singles had that teenage quality).

PV-wise, it's kinda plain, consisting of a close shot, a little farther-out shot, and a full-Ayaya version.

I do like the slightly-clashing outfit (it works, though) and the wall of chocolates. Can you say, "Product placement?"

(I actually don't know if Anima di Chocolate is an actual brand, but it's a name that sticks in your head, alright. ;D)

With this new PV to squeal over and a Morning Musume album to look forward to, Wednesday has been a good day. =D


Crap, but this means I have to get Ayaya something for White's Day, doesn't it...?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A Nerdy-ness =D

Kokoro's gonna be a dork and type her reactions to this week's Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A~

(Yes, I do pretend I'm talking to them myself)

(Courtesy of Hello! Online)

Takitty Ai:

Elizabeth...Ah, but that's probably
not a fairytale, is it??
I'd like to play a witch once (^ _ ^)

Kokoro "Reply": I actually think that a witch would fit you, Takahashi. xD Mikitty totally rocked the mahou-thing in Ribon no Kishi. And it would be soooo much better than you being lead again. ;D (Unless it's a musical about a witch.)

Gaki Risa:

☆ Alice In Wonderland ☆
Of course, I'd be Alice ♪ Heehee ☆


I would fly myself to Japan just to see that. *0*

Kame Eririn:

The Beauty and The Beast,
with me as The Beauty, of course. ☆☆

I can see you as Beauty... (What was her name in the movie?) You have the cute, sorta demure, yet slightly kickass aura needed to play the lead in Beauty and the Beast. Kokoro wants... ;________;

Shige-pink Sayu:

Three Little Pigs. That could be the
start of a big career for me. o(≧∇≦)o

..... Dream big, Shige.

(Am I the only person who finds this awesome, hilarious, and made of win?)

Tanaka Reina:

Um, maybe it's not a fairytale....
...but I'd like to play a Pretty Soldier!!
Of course, I'd have to get the main role ☆

Sailor Moon.... It kinda suits you. xD But why the lead? You've already assumed role as leader of Momusu (Takahashi is just a pretty face; Tanaka is dominating every other aspect)

Kussumi Koha:

The Beauty and The Beast
I definitely want to be the The Beast.

Koharu as the Beast to Eri's Beauty? I'd watch it. =D But Koharu, you're so not beastly....

Mittsi Aika-pon:

Peter Pan!!!!
I'd like to play Tinkerbell ☆ミ
I'd be able to fly again, and also, I just like
Tinkerbell's behavior and facial expressions,
so it's definitely Tinkerbell for me ☆ミ☆ミ

*tear* Mittsi, you are Tinkerbell in my heart

Junjun <3:

Snow White~
Fufu (lol). A role where I can wear a cute dress ☆
Also! Don't give me a villain's role~

Junjun, you'd make a sort of badass villain. xD

But I agree, something cute and feminine~ I hated that they gave you such a masculine role(s) in Cinderella.


Hansel And Gretel ^∇^
Because it's a role that requires
eating a lot of good food ^∇^☆ミ

Hansel and Gretel musical? I'd see it.

But I don't think eating and then dancing is the greatest idea...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Best Thing Ever=Alo-Hello 3

So I received a few DVDs in the mail this past Saturday...

Two concerts (MM Single Daizenshuu and H!P Wonderful Hearts Summer 2008) and.... drum roll, please.... Alo-Hello 3.

Now, I wasn't quite so excited about Alo-Hello; I only ordered it because after watching the Pepper Keibu making of, I discovered that I was greatly entertained by MM antics (but minus Takahashi... She's too professional to goof off).

So I watched it, not expecting much.

Holy geez, it's now my favorite video ever. xD

I don't have screenshots yet (I'll get around to taking some maybe this weekend) but it's the best 100 minutes I've had staring at a computer screen. xDD

Being the extreme Junjun fan that I am, I was very content seeing all of the screentime the pandas got.

It starts off with a cute little flag game, where the members must lie on their stomachs on a beach towel, and at the sound of a whistle, stand up, turn around, and race two other members to a flag stuck in the sand.

Very satisfying. =D

Then after their sprinting, they all split into two teams (coincidentally, the 5+6 gen members against the 7+8 gen members) and played a friendly game of volleyball.

The Naha team (NAna [seven] + HAchi [eight]) won, of course. ;D

After some frolicking in the pool and a few photoshoots, the girls broke into three groups to do various activities.

I really liked this, as it left more Junjun time. ;D

Risa, Tanaka, and Aika went to play with dolphins~

(My favorite part? When they saw the turtles and started squealing "Kame! Kame!" but then Risa was kind enough to mention, "Not the member Kame".)

Aika was very cute playing with the dolphins, and Risa had great reactions as always. =D Reina kinda ruined it, though, as she was freaked out A LOT and spent most of the time squealing.

But it was fun. It looked fun. *0*

Takahashi, Shige, and Kame went jewelry shopping. But as jewelry shopping is boring unless you are the person participating and you actually like jewelry, I skipped it. xD

Koha, Junjun, and Linlin all learned how to surf from a big burly man named Roy. =D

Since Junjun joined when she was about 19, she is the only member to have completed high school before joining. So, naturally, her English is much better, right?

xD I think she was pleased that she could converse with Roy better than Koharu or Linlin, so she spent a lot of the rest of the video speaking in English.

She had some gems such as "Exciting.... I like exciting!" and "Mr. Quick, good job".

Ah, she's so damn adorable!

Then they got shuffled one more time.

Kamei, Koharu, and Risa went to go look at.... rocks.


Junjun, Aika, and Takahashi went on a boat that... goes really fast. But it looked like fun! Junjun entertained the crew with some more English and they spotted a dolphin.

The guys working on the ship found them hilarious.

I was hoping to hear more of Ai's man scream, but she was feminine throughout.

When they got off the boat, there was a huge fish (a swordfish? A marlin? What do you call those things?) that someone had caught. Aika and Junjun were quick to take a quick photo, but Ai was too afraid to get really close.

So, naturally, a local fisherman shoved her forward, almost causing her to bump into the fish.

How was he supposed to know she was the leader of the best selling female pop group in Japan? As far as he was concerned, they were just cute Japanese girls with a camera crew. =D

Then Shige, Tanaka, and Linlin baked a cake.

Linlin made some priceless faces. =D

At the end, the group got back together and had a big barbecue while talking about their days. They had giant leaves and a good looking cake. =O

It left me feeling very satisfied. Hooray Alo-Hello!

I love it, and will definitely purchase future Alo-Hello's. You know, as long as I can see Junjun. ;D

And now, for the 1+ people who read this, I demand that you all watch it! Nao! D=<


Saturday, January 17, 2009

[PV] Naichau Kamo

We're starting off my blog with a little bit of Morning Musume love. ;D

The official PV for Morning Musume's Naichau Kamo was released today.

Iiiiii love it.

Not only is it the first MM song Tsunku has written and composed in a LONG TIME, the PV does not suck like the last one! Seems like Tsunku has finally gotten the message with the slap-in-the-face he received from NHK when MM wasn't invited to Kouhaku Uta Gassen. Time to step it up a little...!

You see the PV here:

And I love it.

It's so As For One Day, and who doesn't love that song? The song itself reminds me a bit of Iroppoi Jirettai, with the Latin-y beat and all that fun. Tsunku is bringing us back to a time where Morning Musume ruled the idol industry and each song was great.

Now, time for some crappy screenshots! =O


That's a weird use for an umbrella.


Tanaka does not look happy. At all. xD She may look the most genuinely upset out of all of them, but it's not very cute.


Takahashi is looking gorgeous in this PV. I like her hair; she should keep it at this length.


This made me jump. And this:


Junjun is killing me with the smexy. xD


Shige. I really don't like Sayumi, and what on earth did they put on her head? Stop putting weird things on Sayu's head!

(I may like her the least out of all of the MM members, but I refer to her by the most nicknames. Mostly because her name is a pain to write)


I love Gaki's hair in this PV. And of course, she's looking as beautiful as ever.

But I vote they put her hair up like this more often instead of that weird hairdo she had on the cover of COVER YOU. The one that looks like she got a bob, you know?


The biggest shock? KOHARU.

My god, when did she get so gorgeous?

She needs to get away from Kirarin Revolution and bring back the voice that got her in MM, and unleash the enormous amount of sexiness she has stored away.

She's gonna be the next Goto Maki, I can feel it.


Mittsi is sad because she's been getting the short end of the stick lately. Remember Egao YES Nude, Mittsi.... It can be like that again someday...!


First Sayu and now Linlin? Sayu's hat was just ugly, but this is ridiculous. Ehh, at least Linlin looks cute...

(She is such a Yasuda character. I love her. =D)


I never paid much attention to Kame before, but since Pepper Keibu I've been amazed by her presence. And her cuteness. ;D


Aaand the PV ends with Tanaka assuming her role as Queen of Morning Musume. Takahashi may be leader, but Tanaka has the true power.