Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A Nerdy-ness =D

Kokoro's gonna be a dork and type her reactions to this week's Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A~

(Yes, I do pretend I'm talking to them myself)

(Courtesy of Hello! Online)

Takitty Ai:

Elizabeth...Ah, but that's probably
not a fairytale, is it??
I'd like to play a witch once (^ _ ^)

Kokoro "Reply": I actually think that a witch would fit you, Takahashi. xD Mikitty totally rocked the mahou-thing in Ribon no Kishi. And it would be soooo much better than you being lead again. ;D (Unless it's a musical about a witch.)

Gaki Risa:

☆ Alice In Wonderland ☆
Of course, I'd be Alice ♪ Heehee ☆


I would fly myself to Japan just to see that. *0*

Kame Eririn:

The Beauty and The Beast,
with me as The Beauty, of course. ☆☆

I can see you as Beauty... (What was her name in the movie?) You have the cute, sorta demure, yet slightly kickass aura needed to play the lead in Beauty and the Beast. Kokoro wants... ;________;

Shige-pink Sayu:

Three Little Pigs. That could be the
start of a big career for me. o(≧∇≦)o

..... Dream big, Shige.

(Am I the only person who finds this awesome, hilarious, and made of win?)

Tanaka Reina:

Um, maybe it's not a fairytale....
...but I'd like to play a Pretty Soldier!!
Of course, I'd have to get the main role ☆

Sailor Moon.... It kinda suits you. xD But why the lead? You've already assumed role as leader of Momusu (Takahashi is just a pretty face; Tanaka is dominating every other aspect)

Kussumi Koha:

The Beauty and The Beast
I definitely want to be the The Beast.

Koharu as the Beast to Eri's Beauty? I'd watch it. =D But Koharu, you're so not beastly....

Mittsi Aika-pon:

Peter Pan!!!!
I'd like to play Tinkerbell ☆ミ
I'd be able to fly again, and also, I just like
Tinkerbell's behavior and facial expressions,
so it's definitely Tinkerbell for me ☆ミ☆ミ

*tear* Mittsi, you are Tinkerbell in my heart

Junjun <3:

Snow White~
Fufu (lol). A role where I can wear a cute dress ☆
Also! Don't give me a villain's role~

Junjun, you'd make a sort of badass villain. xD

But I agree, something cute and feminine~ I hated that they gave you such a masculine role(s) in Cinderella.


Hansel And Gretel ^∇^
Because it's a role that requires
eating a lot of good food ^∇^☆ミ

Hansel and Gretel musical? I'd see it.

But I don't think eating and then dancing is the greatest idea...

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