Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Bit of Homemade Valentine's Chocolate

Wait, is this friendship or love chocolate?

So Ayaya's newest single PV was posted today. =3

It will be released on February 11th as a gift to her fans.

(What a great month February will be...!)

It is appropriately titled 'Chocolate Damashii'. And it has a chocolate theme. =3

Frankly, this might be one of my favorite singles from her. =O It's giving Tropical Koishiteru a run for its cute, tennis-y money. And that's saying a lot, because I love the crap out of that song.

This is also the most beautiful I've EVER seen Ayaya. I mean, the cover of Omoi Afurete was gorgeous enough, but I love her in this.

She was pretty in Kizuna, yes, but I feel she has finally ditched that cute, teenage image she's been stuck with since her debut. (Well, it was appropriate when she was a cute teenager, but still... Even her later singles had that teenage quality).

PV-wise, it's kinda plain, consisting of a close shot, a little farther-out shot, and a full-Ayaya version.

I do like the slightly-clashing outfit (it works, though) and the wall of chocolates. Can you say, "Product placement?"

(I actually don't know if Anima di Chocolate is an actual brand, but it's a name that sticks in your head, alright. ;D)

With this new PV to squeal over and a Morning Musume album to look forward to, Wednesday has been a good day. =D


Crap, but this means I have to get Ayaya something for White's Day, doesn't it...?

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