Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Best Thing Ever=Alo-Hello 3

So I received a few DVDs in the mail this past Saturday...

Two concerts (MM Single Daizenshuu and H!P Wonderful Hearts Summer 2008) and.... drum roll, please.... Alo-Hello 3.

Now, I wasn't quite so excited about Alo-Hello; I only ordered it because after watching the Pepper Keibu making of, I discovered that I was greatly entertained by MM antics (but minus Takahashi... She's too professional to goof off).

So I watched it, not expecting much.

Holy geez, it's now my favorite video ever. xD

I don't have screenshots yet (I'll get around to taking some maybe this weekend) but it's the best 100 minutes I've had staring at a computer screen. xDD

Being the extreme Junjun fan that I am, I was very content seeing all of the screentime the pandas got.

It starts off with a cute little flag game, where the members must lie on their stomachs on a beach towel, and at the sound of a whistle, stand up, turn around, and race two other members to a flag stuck in the sand.

Very satisfying. =D

Then after their sprinting, they all split into two teams (coincidentally, the 5+6 gen members against the 7+8 gen members) and played a friendly game of volleyball.

The Naha team (NAna [seven] + HAchi [eight]) won, of course. ;D

After some frolicking in the pool and a few photoshoots, the girls broke into three groups to do various activities.

I really liked this, as it left more Junjun time. ;D

Risa, Tanaka, and Aika went to play with dolphins~

(My favorite part? When they saw the turtles and started squealing "Kame! Kame!" but then Risa was kind enough to mention, "Not the member Kame".)

Aika was very cute playing with the dolphins, and Risa had great reactions as always. =D Reina kinda ruined it, though, as she was freaked out A LOT and spent most of the time squealing.

But it was fun. It looked fun. *0*

Takahashi, Shige, and Kame went jewelry shopping. But as jewelry shopping is boring unless you are the person participating and you actually like jewelry, I skipped it. xD

Koha, Junjun, and Linlin all learned how to surf from a big burly man named Roy. =D

Since Junjun joined when she was about 19, she is the only member to have completed high school before joining. So, naturally, her English is much better, right?

xD I think she was pleased that she could converse with Roy better than Koharu or Linlin, so she spent a lot of the rest of the video speaking in English.

She had some gems such as "Exciting.... I like exciting!" and "Mr. Quick, good job".

Ah, she's so damn adorable!

Then they got shuffled one more time.

Kamei, Koharu, and Risa went to go look at.... rocks.


Junjun, Aika, and Takahashi went on a boat that... goes really fast. But it looked like fun! Junjun entertained the crew with some more English and they spotted a dolphin.

The guys working on the ship found them hilarious.

I was hoping to hear more of Ai's man scream, but she was feminine throughout.

When they got off the boat, there was a huge fish (a swordfish? A marlin? What do you call those things?) that someone had caught. Aika and Junjun were quick to take a quick photo, but Ai was too afraid to get really close.

So, naturally, a local fisherman shoved her forward, almost causing her to bump into the fish.

How was he supposed to know she was the leader of the best selling female pop group in Japan? As far as he was concerned, they were just cute Japanese girls with a camera crew. =D

Then Shige, Tanaka, and Linlin baked a cake.

Linlin made some priceless faces. =D

At the end, the group got back together and had a big barbecue while talking about their days. They had giant leaves and a good looking cake. =O

It left me feeling very satisfied. Hooray Alo-Hello!

I love it, and will definitely purchase future Alo-Hello's. You know, as long as I can see Junjun. ;D

And now, for the 1+ people who read this, I demand that you all watch it! Nao! D=<


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