Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Girl Behind the Wit

I'm not exactly sure if I have any wit so far, but I thought that I should introduce myself to the one follower of this blog. =D

(You are my favorite person evar, whomever you are. x3 At least, today you are)

My name is Taylor, but I thoroughly feel that to achieve the things we want in life we must pretend that we have them, so I go by a cute name, Kokoro. =D I don't think a unisex name like Taylor is very cute. And why do we call them unisex names, anyway? I know they can be used for both boys and girls, but when you say unisex, it reminds me of leotards or long underwear.

(Don't ask.)

I'm sixteen years old, and will be seventeen in July. I am a junior in high school, in two AP classes, struggling through Physics, sucking in Algebra 2, and just barely working in Japanese 3. =D

So, yeah, I'm in my third year of taking Japanese, so I can understand a handful of whatever the hell Morning Musume says in interviews or behind-the-scenes stuff. Enough to get the gist of the comedy, but it's not like I catch everything. Like Sayu not counting in beach volleyball. I really wish I had gotten that the first time I watch Alo-hello, without the subtitles. 'Cause it's always better the first time. =D

I sometimes make mistakes when translating things I hear or read, because I mostly BS it anyway. =D So please don't ask me to translate anything for you. Unless you want something completely different that what they are really saying.

I'm an avid groupdubber, and I have been in over 100 completed group dubs, plus about 20 solo dubs or so...

I'm told I sound most like Iida Kaori. At least, I used to. My voice has gotten a bit cuter and less breathy (xD) so I don't know who I sound like now.

I'm part of both the anime and Japanese clubs at my school.

I am currently learning how to play the piano. I suck.

My best features are my hands. They're very graceful and feminine looking, thank you very much. =3

I'm six feet tall and kinda clumsy, with blondish-brown hair that's wavy and cut in a princess-style. I have glasses like all geeks do, and most of my shoes have at least a two inch heel.

I love shoes with big heels. =D

I love sweets and Japanese food. I've been to Japan once and am going again in February.

I first heard of Morning Musume from my friend in the sixth or seventh grade, so this was back in 2003/2004. We only watched the random karaoke game, and I honestly could not tell the members apart.

I listened to Koko ni Iruzee maybe once, but then I stopped all together. A year later, I listened to a few more songs, but I lost interest.

The next year I listened to more songs, mainly from the 5th gen era. I downloaded some singles and they were on my iPod. But I still didn't pay much attention.

Then in late 2007, I started listening to them more and watching their videos. I started being able to tell them apart and learn their names. I learned the songs and even started listening to the older generations. In the late spring, I auditioned for my first groupdub.

Sakura Mankai. Then another, and another... Next thing I knew, I was mixing and planning and auditioning for groupdubs.

In June my friend Hotaru and I planned to open our own groupdubbing project, Unagi Musume Project. Originally it would have precasted spots and would follow the history of Morning Musume. That forced me to listen to their entire discography and learn the new members, Koharu to the Pandas.

Over the summer I became more obsessed, and at some point I fell victim of Junjun's adorableness and fell for her hard.

In the beginning, I, like most people, were attracted to the people with the strongest personalities: Yossie, Aibon, Nono... But now I like a myriad of members, from Ishiguro to Yaguchi to Iida to Gaki to Mittsi...

I do listen to all of the subgroups and shuffles, with the exception of T&C Bomber. However, I mean to follow them more. xD And Coconuts. But they're hard to love, with the exception of Ayaka and Mika.

(I could rant about Danielle, but I don't feel like it)

Yes, so now you know a bit about me. Sorry for rambling, and thanks for reading~

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  1. hey i'm ling!! nice to meet you.
    i'm from California too, such a coincidence.!