Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tsunku Hates Us.

And by us I mean tall people.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Kusumi Koharu, the Ace of Morning Musume, the Miracle member, the sole winner of seventh gen auditions, is graduating.

But not just from Morning Musume. Nooo, that would be too fair. She's leaving Hello! Project. For good.


How can you get rid of this?!

I was definitely not expecting to hear that Koha, my beloved Koha, would be leaving us when I logged onto Twitter and saw the H!O announcement. I would have bet everything I had that Takahashi would be the first to graduate. I mean, she'd been getting countless solos at concerts and in albums and EVERYTHING. I was positive that Tsunku was prepping her for a solo career. Then Mano Erina's lack of talent could be counteracted and balance would once again be brought to the H!P soloists.

But no.

It's Koha.

The first thing I thought, of course, was that Tsunku hates tall people. Elder Club was full of tallies. Iida? Yossie? (Of course, these are relatively tall people. They are tiny compared to me.) Then Umeda Erika was graduated. I was JUST starting to recover from that shock when it was announced that Yuri-tan is graduating, too (I'm still pissed that she's not in the Eggs concert). And now, Koha? What's with all of the tall hate?

Tsunku claims he saw her improvement and wanted to give her a solo career. But wouldn't a solo career mean she stays in H!P? And if that's a solo career, then what the hell was that Kirarin thing she did for the majority of her time in Morning Musume?

Okay, I admit, she's had a pretty good run. She's had a brief solo career, voiced the main character of a hit anime character, and was in Morning Musume for four years. Back when there were fifteen or so members, four years was a long time to be in the group. People graduated after three, two, even one. But now we're in the age of endless lineups. Takahashi and Gaki have been the group for, what, six years now? Seven? The current lineup of MM has been like this for about two years. That's quite a feat.

And you know, I always sensed that Koha didn't get along with a lot of the other members. In backstage things or making of's, she tended to be alone. She has such a strong personality, like Linlin, that she comes off really strong in the generally personality-less Morning Musume. I mean, Linlin is a complete goof, and Junjun is no robot, but at least they were manageable. Sure, Linlin makes stupid jokes and is always laughing, and Junjun tends to be a bit of a camera whore and will speak her mind no matter what, but if you compare those traits to the eternally hyper and bubbly Koharu, the pandas seem like Takahashi. Seriously.

Yeah, Koha is amazingly photogenic and will make a good model (which she wants to do) and god knows she's better at modelling than singing, but she will still be missed. It's not like she's gonna appear in magazines next month. It'll probably be years before we see her again.

In the meantime, I can find comfort in the fact that I'll have all of her lasts: her last calendar, her last photobook, her last single, and her last concert. I mean, I have yet to preorder the MM 2009 fall concert and Kimagure Princess, but there's no way I'm missing out now.

This has been a terrible year for H!P fans (except for Takahashi fans, who are probably rejoicing that their beloved Ai-chan will be staying a little longer). I just pray that this trend of graduating the our beloved tall members doesn't continue.


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