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Is This How You'd Celebrate Your 40th Single?

Most of us have probably heard the radio rips on Youtube of Morning Musume's 40th single, Nanchatte Renai. I know I have. In fact, I've been listening to it all day. xD We were all hoping that their 40th single would be catchy and upbeat, like their 30th, Ambitious, or 20th, Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~. Hell, I'd even like something with a nice message like their 10th, I Wish. But no. We get another sad song about heartbreak or whatever...

Not that I mind the songs about lost love, but considering all of their singles (with the exception of Mikan and Pepper Keibu) since Kanashimi Twilight have been angry or sad or whatever. That's five unhappy songs, right after each other. I like this song, it's good and the rap is cool. But is it 40th anniversary worthy? I don't think so.

But us Morning Musume fans have been requesting an upbeat, happy song for a while. There's not much we can do about it. And I think a lot of us are tired of talking about the song itself.

But what about the covers?

I stumbled upon the covers in the H!O picboard today, and I'd like to comment on them. Because, you know, they just don't feel like a celebration.


Normal Edition

It's simple. Frankly, I like it little bit better than their more recent normal edition covers, simply because you see their entire bodies. Sure, Takahashi is swallowed up, but I like seeing them head to toe. I like their outfits, too. The strappy shoes, the ruffly black dress with black belts, the different shirts, the hats.

Niigaki totally wins this cover. Is it just me, or is her new haircut amazing? I love the dark, shiny brown and the thick bangs. I request that she keeps it like this. It makes her look younger and (is it even possible?) more beautiful. She's just gotten so small! (Is it me or, does it look like she's grinning because her hand is touching Tanaka's chest? xD)

Linlin looks beautiful, and we don't get to say that about Linlin that often. I find my eyes drawn to her everytime. Anyone who still doesn't like her 'China' haircut can GTFO. I love her.

Aika looks nice, and her hat is the only one that isn't bothering me.

Tanaka's trying new hairstyles, and this one doesn't irk me as much as the one she had in the SYO PV. The black hair is a nice touch. I think it suits her better than brown and glitter.

Takahashi has her photo face. Pouty lips, sorta lifeless face, and uncomfortable pose. God, it must have sucked pausing for that photo. xD

Shige looks pretty. I know, I'm surprised too, I've never found her face THAT attractive. I think it's the eyebrows and the eyes and the nose and the mouth... Wait, that's just her face. xD But I actually like how she looks. I must admit, her pose is probably what made them choose this cover for the normal. It just screams 'buy this single~'

Kamei looks a little scary. I think it's just the eye makeup that does it, but it makes her eyes look a little too wide. It also looks like Shige is about to pinch her boob. Which would explain the 'HELP ME!' expression on her face.

Koha is... MY GOD, WHY DO YOU INSIST ON THESE HAIRSTYLES! I can deal with the weird flarey ponytail when she has some hair down in the front or bangs. But I hate, hate, hate her hair like this.

Junjun... Oh, Junjun... You make me cry sometimes. I honestly thought we were past 2007 and 2008. I thought you were finally getting used to the camera. I mean, look at your beautiful photo sets, Junjun! Spring 2009 was amazingly gorgeous! But this... It's like we're back to Resonant Blue with your awkward, mouth-breathy expression. Yes, you look sad, but this isn't Naichau Kamo anymore.

THE WINNERS: Linlin and Gaki
THE LOSERS: Koha, Kame, and Junjun
FINAL VERDICT: Boring. Some good looks, but generally not very interesting.


Limited Edition A

Now they're sitting. On a black bench that blends in with their dresses. I thought they were levitating at first. xD Okay. This is no way as amazing as the SYO Limited Edition A, where they were all on the golden pipe thing. But that was a masterpiece.

Onto the winners of the last round!

Gaki is looking just as gorgeous as before. She's working the new hair and costume, but still looks a little contemplative, like she's thinking about what to eat. Or why in the world Linlin's hand is on her shoulder.

Speaking of Linlin. I think it might be some sort of weird fetish thing or something, but I LOVE IT when girls' ears stick out in their hair. xD I love it when they tuck their hair behind their ears or when they have short hair like this and you can see their ears. So Linlin has that going for her. She still looks pretty, but not as startling pretty like before.

NOW Aika's hat is bothering me. She looked a little troubled. What's wrong Mittsi? Still bumbed from SYO? You seemed fine at AX...

Shige... Pfft. Shige. xD The beauty, the mystery is gone. She's trying to beat Maasa in the big puppy eyes contest. No thank you.

Kamei is feeling bad about what I said before, and now looks REALLY bummed. But I like it. I just wish her face wasn't so shadowy...

Junjun still looks awkward. Where is her leg sneaking off to?

Tanaka has her 'you trying to mess with me?' face on.

Takahashi's face looks weird, but I like her pose.

Koha's face is GORGEOUS in this pic. Her awful hair blends in with Junjun's dress, so you just see FACE. She is the queen of the big eyed, inquisitive look. She looks very uncomfortable, though...

THE WINNERS: Gaki, Kame, Koha
THE LOSERS: Everyone else
FINAL VERDICT: What the hell is with these awful expressions? You can see the circles under their eyes, too. 8th gen just looks tired.


Limited Edition B

It reminds me of the Limited Edition B for SYO, where they're all jumping. Now they're flouncing?

Gaki looks pretty, yes, but it just doesn't seem as perfect as her other ones. It looks like she got hit on or something by a guy she doesn't like and Shige, her bodyguard, stepped in to intervene.

Aika still has the same sad puppy face. And I don't want sad puppy Aika, I want happy puppy Aika!

Shige. Ahh, same old Shige face.

Linlin looks cute~ I like her flared out bouncy hair. And the hat thing is just so much more charming when she does it~

Kame still looks a little unstable... But cute, and that's what matters.

Junjun is getting better, but it still looks... Ugh. I think it's the placement of the hat on top of that hair. It's too much on that side of her head. I like her with full bangs.

Tanaka looks really pale. xD Like, her neck looks almost unhealthy. Not much to say about the pose or expression. It's Tanaka.

This has been the only Takahashi face that I don't mind. She has a very strange face, and she can be really beautiful with the right makeup and lighting.

Koha is looking good! She looks very youthful, and the pose might not be the most creative, but I like it.

THE WINNERS: Gaki, Linlin, Koha
THE LOSERS: Kame, Junjun
FINAL VERDICT: A little more interesting than the others, but still, I feel like I've seen it before.


Commemorative 40th single Edition

This one has a different B-side, I believe. It's the only cover without the red background, and a different angle.

Linlin looks like her normal self, but I love how she's standing, like she's about to push Takahashi out of the shot and take her rightful place as best vocalist of Morning Musume.

Come on, Aika, give us a smile...! Come on, Aika, I can see you starting to... Oh! come on, Aika~ xD It honestly looks like she's trying not to smile but the photographer is pleading her to.

I really can't stand Kame's eyes, which is a shame considering she has such beautiful eyes.

Tanaka... You bore me.

Shige is too busy admiring her reflection in the camera lens to notice that she's about to elbow Junjun in the neck.

Junjun would actually look quite nice if she didn't look so old and tired and had better hair. It's not her fault, though.

Gaki is stealing the shot AND the space. She's showing off the nice layering in her hair with a brilliant smile~

Koha is pretty, and looks very cute and sweet.

This is the best Takahashi has looked, I've decided. It's her signature look, afteall. ;D

THE WINNERS: Gaki, Takahashi (Runner-ups Linlin and Koha]
THE LOSERS: Tanaka and Shige, because they bore me.
FINAL VERDICT: The best out of the four, but it seems more like a backstage shot.


The costumes is nice and all, but it really seems like a backstage photo. The lighting is awful and washes them out, and their skin looks shiny and greasy. You can see how tired they are and it's just not flattering. I know it sounds bad, but they airbrush for a reason.

It reminds me of the Sexy 8 Beat album cover. There, I said it.

I really, really hope they start being more creative with their covers. This was rather boring, I've got to admit.

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