Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Less than 18 Hours!

Yes, ladies and.... Well, as far as I know, only girls read this blog. xD


After months and months of hyperventilating, stressing, studying, spazzing, and very little sleep the past week, D-Day is nearly upon us.

It didn't feel entirely real up until I read Paul's blog post about his first days in LA. Yes, I had packed up my clothes, meticulously planning each one. Yes, I had placed my glowsticks in my bag and an easily accessible spot for the CDs and DVDs (or even T-shirt) that I'm planning to get signed. But it didn't seem real until I saw that photo of a bunch of wotas standing in LAX holding a 'Welcome, Morning Musume' sign a day early. xD

I'm sure this will be the best week of my life, despite a few things here and there that have happened that have threatened to lessen the experience.

I'll be unable to update this blog, due to lack of laptop (xD) but I might be able to check in on stuff with my iTouch in the hotel. Regardless of how or when I do it, I will tell you all about it, and share photos~

So here's the game plan:

We will leave at, like, 4 AM. Maybe a little earlier, maybe a little later. But I'm aiming for 4.

We'll drive for six hours, and get at the convention center around 10 AM.

My mother will push me and Sarah from the car, and go off to a coffee shop or bookstore until she can check into the hotel.

Meanwhile, Sarah and I will get our passes, and depending on when we're supposed to pick up our concert tickets (I'm assuming the day of, though), get that done too. We'll have four hours until the panel, and I'm hoping that will give us enough time to get our passes and get in line to the panel, and maybe buy a few CDs if possible.

We'll go to the panel. Hopefully, we'll be able to go to the panel-only autograph session. If not, we'll have our tickets from buying CDs. ;D

On Friday, we'll get up early and wait in line for the concert as soon as possible. xD It might be that we'll have to pick up our tickets, but maybe not. That might be earlier.

Before the concert, we might try to meet up with our dubbing friend Momo and her friend.

Afterward, there will be an autograph session with Yoshizawa Hitomi. We may or may not go. I know Sarah is planning on buying a Hangry & Angry CD, but I don't know if that means we'll go. Personally, I love Yossie, but she's not signing as Yossie, she's signing as Hangry. And I'd rather meet Yossie. ;D

Then there's Hello! Party, which I'm really excited about. Mainly because it's just a huge geek out, and there'll be karaoke games. xD

On Saturday there are two autograph sessions, and we may or may not go to those, depending on how the Thursday autograph goes. Or how many autographs we can get. Because there are three autograph sessions, and I would love to get an autograph from Junjun, Linlin, and Kamei/Gaki. If we can get an autograph from all nine at one, that's even better. xD

That's about it for the H!P related stuff, but after that we'll be heading down to San Diego to look at colleges. >.>

And throughout the week we'll be doing stuff in the evening and morning and stuff. Like, going to Little Tokyo and looking around, doing the basic Hollywood tourist stuff, and finding Kathy Griffin's house. xD

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