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[Review] H!P Chanpuru ~Happy Marriage Song Shuu~

Thank god for preordering. ;D This album isn't supposed to be released for another three days, but there's always that one person who gets their copy a few days ahead... Sorta like how I got my H!P calendars two weeks before their release date. Woo-hoo!

I'm going to write down my comments as I listen to it for the first time. Since I've heard the songs before, I'll be mainly critiquing performances and voices, and how they blend. I must admit, I'm a little nervous as well. These are the new units, and I'm hoping they don't disappoint.

1. Diamonds - High-King

Holy geez this is too cute for High King. xD And is that a Saki solo?! Of course, Takahashi does amazingly with her lines. This is really different from the sound that High King had in C/C. It's sweeter, cuter. There's plenty of Tanaka, no surprise there. My god, I'm really loving this. xD It's Maimi and Saki and Takahashi... It's great! Little Yuuka is only heard during the group lines, but she blends well, so I'm not complaining. In fact, she and Tanaka sound great. Ahh, there's a solo, but it's short and isn't anything to brag about. She's pretty much overshadowed by the others. But they did a good job. I really like it. My only complaint is how Takahashi pronounces her 'o's. xD It's weird.

2. Ai wa Katsu - c-ute & Mano Erina

Oh look. Piano. I wonder who is playing? xD Mano fits in perfectly with c-ute. She could very well be Kanna's replacement... Oh no, I take it back. She started singing. Bad, Mano, very bad! Good save, Maimi. Help fix our bleeding ears! xD I'm serious. That was an awful solo. You know, it's probably just the song, but it's not grabbing me like Diamonds was. I mean, it helped that I love the song, but... You know, there's just nothing missing. STOP SINGING MANO! Where's Airi, by the way? Oh, singing with Maimi. It's hard to hear with Maimi's big voice. xD Ahh, it was cute. Totally forgettable, though.

3. YES-YES-YES - Aa!

Airi/Miyabi blending is probably my favorite thing ever. I'm just saying. Is that Akari singing? Holy geez the girl is good. Tsunku, good choice! I prefer Akari so much more than Tanaka. It just blends more! This is a very nice song, and all three girls do well. This is my favorite track so far. That last note was pretty, too. Good job, ladies.

4. Tentou Chuu no Sanba - Shin Minimoni

God, this is so Mini Moni sounding. xD THIS IS SO FREAKING CUTE! All of the Eggs sound adorable, and Linlin is so.... god, she can do anything. She can sing big songs with a huge voice but then she can also sing in an adorable voice to rival her Egg group mates. xD I love it. It's so cute and upbeat and.... I like Shin Minimoni already. xDDD This is one of those songs that you can't help but smile when you hear it. xD And I'm grinning. xD AHHH THAT WAS GREAT!

5. Kimi ga iru dake de - Pucchimoni V

It's cute. They blend well. Are they awesome like the first Pucchimoni was? Not. At. All. It's nice and cute. Mano needs to stop singing. Saki sounds great~ Mai, too. The c-ute girls have such deep voices compared to Mano. xD I like Saki and Mai in this, I HATE MANO. It's a nice song, and I think Saki does the best job with it. Mai does good, too, and Mano is... Well, by now you know how I feel about Mano in this album. xD

6. Heya to Y shirts to Watashi - Tanaka Reina

Every once in a while there will be a moment where I pause and think to myself, "Tanaka can kinda sing". Well, this is another one of those moments. Tanaka, like Koha and Kamei, are startling when they sing deep notes, because they sound so good. I also like Tanaka's slight vibrato. That's an unusual thing to have if you're an idol, and I really like it. It's a cute song, and she does a good job. I really started liking her at AX after seeing her at the panel and the concert and the autograph session, and I'm starting to like her vocals with this. The song is long as hell, though. xD

7. Mamotte Agetai - Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri

From the first line I'm loving this. xD I've been looking forward to it, too. Gaki and Kame have lovely voices, and together... Ah~ They blend so well! Gaki's big voice and Kame's sweetness comes together and creates the perfect sound~ I could probably go on forever and ever about how much I love these girls together and in this song... My only complaint is that the song is a little boring, but just a little. Ah, but I love it.

8. Cosmos - Takahashi Ai

One word: Gorgeous. Come on, give this girl a solo career! It's hauntingly beautiful with flawless vocals and emotion... God, when she sings in that big, deep voice, I get goosebumps. And I don't get goosebumps easily with J-pop. I mean, the instrumental is no match to Takahashi. xD It probably would be more moving A Capella. I take it back, this is my favorite track so far. This blows me away. Takahashi is such an amazing singer when she's not in a group. Come on, Tsunku, graduate the girl and make her a soloist! If we could get more songs like this, H!P would be SO MUCH BETTER.

Whereas Tanaka's solo was too long, this was too short. xD

9. Mirai Yosouzu II - ZYX-α

This isn't like the ZYX I'm used to, it's too down to earth. xD And when they sing as a group... Ehh... Gaki really shines during the deep and big parts. In the chorus, they all sound so big. xD Maasa and Gaki must be a little louder than usual. ;D I wish they had solos, but maybe in the future... It's such a big group that solos would probably detract from the song. It's a nice song, but after Takahashi's solo, it just doesn't compare. xD

10. ONLY YOU - Zoku・Biyuuden

God, I was so nervous about this. xD Opening with a cool solo from Risako... Hell, even Shige sounds good with the instrumental. xDD They blend surprisingly well, too. Junjun sounds awesome~ GO JUNJUN! God, I love this song. xD This is the best Junjun has sounded in a while. When she's not being all cute-like, she really sounds awesome. She has a big, deep voice. She makes the song for me. Junjun especially rocks during the chorus. xD God, I love it so, so much! This is tied with Takahashi's solo. It's as cool and fun as Takahashi's was beautiful.

11. akai sweet pea - Tanpopo #

It's such a sweet song. God, they sound so great~ Even Aika. I've never really appreciated Chisato's voice until now. xD She sounds a bit like Risako. Kame really makes the song shine, though. She was the best. Yurina sounds a little detached at first, but she gets into it later. It's nice to listen to~ God, Kame's last solo... *goosebumps*

12. For You… - Linlin

This was what I was waiting for. xD She showed us she can be adorable in Mini Moni, and now is her big solo. Her voice is really gorgeous when it soft. And she does have amazing control. It's still a little nasally, but it's beautiful at the same time. She is another one of those emotional singers. It just comes together perfectly in the chorus. She has such a huge voice, it's amazing. To think that she was the same girl as the one two years ago... She's improved so much. This is an amazingly solo from Linlin. She really does deserve a larger part in Morning Musume. Both she and Junjun have proved that they belong in the music business.

13. Kanpaku Sengen - Berryz Koubou & Mano Erina

Surprisingly, this song suits Mano's voice better. xD It's something more her style, too. Hey look, solos. The song is kinda folksy, and Yurina sounds so cute. xD Maasa's solo was great, as was Risako's. Saki sounds a little strained and awkward, but I love her. Momoko sounds cute. Berryz as a group completely overpowers Mano. xD She's no match! Miyabi sounds pretty~ It's a weird song, though. xD I feel like it might be a little too easy for some of the girls, and a little too hard for the others. I have mixed feelings. And no Chinami solo? Poor thing.

14. Sekai wa futari no tame ni - Michishige Sayumi, Kusumi Koharu, Mitsui Aika, Junjun

I was dreading this one. xD Aika sounds really nice at the beginning, though. When she can sing softly, she sounds good. As a group they're not bad either. Koha sounds cute~ She's taking a step away from her Kirarin voice, which is good. Baby steps, but steps nonetheless. ;D Junjun's solo was my favorite part. xD The violins were great, and she sounds pretty. Not as great as in Only You, but good. Even Shige sounds okay. What is with her lately? She hasn't been killing my ears as much lately.

Ahh, that was great. It got off to a rocky start, but it really turned out great in the end. I recommend that everyone listens to it, especially Takahashi's solo, Linlin's solo, and Biyuuden's song. ;D

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