Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Guess I Could Post my Ranking...

Most people by now have probably checked out the new Hello! Blog's new H!P ranking poll~

I really like it, but MY GOD is it hard to decide your top ten...!

Because I'm shameless and bored, here is my ranking. And my reasons. Because I'm sorry, many of you will probably protest in one way or another for whatever reason.


#1 Junjun

What isn't there to love about Junjun? She's adorable in every single way. She is easily the most entertaining member of Morning Musume at the moment. She has TONS of potential vocally. Her Japanese has gotten good enough to the point where you can tell she has a great personality. She's sort of conceited, but not to the level of Shige, where she goes 'I'm the cutest~'. I'm thinking back to Alo-Hello 3, where she's sitting and saying "I'm being cute..." in a casual way. And in Yorosen, where she had the Berryz talk about how great she was. But for comedic effect. And she totally rocks a panda suit like you have never seen.

I actually had a dream about her last night. But that's not important.

(And no, for those of you as perverted as my friend Leah, it was not dirty. I simply had lunch with her, got an autograph, and had a lovely time. Her English is pretty good, too.)

#2 Matsuura Aya

I love Ayaya. Well, I hate that photo. Her stylist should be mauled by rapid wotas. But I still love Ayaya. She's cute, she's talented, she's classy... She managed to flawlessly transform from a cute little teenager singing random, up-beat pop songs to a beautiful, sophisticated, elegant woman with a buttload of talent. Actually, her voice hasn't deepened all that much. But I digress.

Whenever I think of her, I think of the Omoi Afurete album cover. =3



#3 Ogawa Makoto

Errgh Ogawa. Why do you make me love you so much, yet you are so very rarely around...? When she returned from New Zealand I hoped that she would release a single, and grace us with her awesome voice once more. But she didn't. She hosted concerts. Which is great, but I always skip the MCs anyway. xD

Oh well. She's freakishly talented, incredibly funny, and cute.

#4 Niigaki Risa

It was hard deciding on where to put Gaki. She has an incredibly powerful voice, badass dance moves, and hilarious over-reactions to EVERYTHING. I didn't care for her all that much at the beginning, nor did I remember her. She was just a cute kid. But holy geez, she exploded into a gorgeous woman with one of the best voices to back her up.

However, I think I may have just ranked her so high because of her Happy Girl photobook. ;D That thing is love.

#5 Saitou Hitomi

Okay, I know, no one knows Melon Kinenbi. No one cares about Saitou. No one likes how she's the sexy one. Well, you know what? I said it before, and I'll say it again. She is polished, sophisticated, and talented. She isn't trashy, she's graceful. She has an AMAZING voice, just check out any of her Uta Doki solos on Youtube. I will love her forever.

Not the greatest photo, though.

#6 Yasuda Kei

Ah, Kemeko. I love you~ You're funny and cute, over-the-top yet you have a beautiful voice. I really wish she could have sung more during her time, or at least gotten a solo career... She really carried the group vocally for a long time.

#7 Yoshizawa Hitomi

You probably hate me for this decision. 'WHAT?! LEAVE YOSSIE AT NUMBER SEVEN?!' But let me explain. I love Yossie, she's pretty and funny, and always makes me laugh, but to tell you the truth, I think she's okay vocally. I loved her in Kanashimi Twilight, but she never really stood out to me vocally in many other singles... But her sheer awesomeness makes up for it, so here she is. ;D

#8 Sawada Yuri


I love Yuri. She is my favorite ex-Egg, except for maybe the pandas. She has a really clear, cute voice, and she's elegant, professional, and mature. And those dimples...!

#9 Iida Kaori

Kaorin will forever be special to me. She has such a soft, lovely voice, and I love her spaceyness. xD I really wish she had done more~ I love her dearly, but she isn't as exciting as many of the others on the list.

#10 Kumai Yurina

I had SUCH trouble deciding whether to put Nakazawa, Linlin, or Yurina in this spot. But Yurina won. Why? Because she's cute, has a nice voice, and even though she isn't that interesting, I like her. And she's freakishly tall for a Japanese girl. Gotta love that. ;D

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