Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Idol of the Tuesday: Kusumi Koharu

So I've been sick, and nothing has been going on lately for me to do a formal IotW, so here's a special edition, spur-of-the-moment IotW/Pocket Morning Weekly cross-over. ;D

This week's question was very dear to me.

"What would your ideal height be, and why?"

I was hoping that this would give Junjun another chance to make me love her even more, but most of the girls wanted to be in the 160-165 cm range (about 5'3"-5"4'). Of course, Aika, Shige, and Takahashi wanted to be a little under. (But coming from Takahashi, that's still pretty darn tall for her. ;D)

Anywho, I was disappointed that no one wanted to be freakishly tall....

Except for this wonderful person:


"Taller than 170cm.
Being taller is definitely better."

Mind you, 170 cm is still pretty short compared to American (or my family's) standards, but still. She said 'taller', and so that means 171 cm, or even 182 cm? ;D

I'm 182 centimeters tall, by the way.

Yes, I know I'm shameless.

Anywho, so Koha gets a big HEART from me. I'm really liking her lately. She's actually pretty cool when she's not in her Kirarin persona.

I might even say that I'd be willing to hang out with her if given the chance.

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