Monday, April 27, 2009


Kusumi Koharu is probably the most well-known member of Morning Musume member at the moment among younger fans. This is due in large part to her voicing the lead character in the anime Kirarin*Revolution.

The magazine Nakayoshi, in which Kirarin is published, also features Koha often, modeling costumes or just advertising. It's a lot like how Ayaya was the Nakayoshi idol back when I read it (about five years ago).

Anyway, today it was announced on H!O's Twitter feed that Nakayoshi will be publishing Miracle*Revolution, featuring Koharu as the lead.

Koha's nickname is Miracle, as she was the result of a long and laborious search for a seventh generation member, spanning over several auditions. She's also part of the reason why H!P has been able to keep its head above water in 2008.

I'm hoping it's like the Mini Moni manga, more biographical and (hopefully) featuring some of the other Morning Musume members. I got my serving of manga renditions of Morning Musume back in their 2004 manga, so I got to see the fifth and sixth gen, but I have yet to see a professional draw out the 8th gen.

And I bet Junjun would be freakishly cute.

Not much information is out yet, like if it's a one-shot or a full serial. But no matter what it is, I hope some scanlators get their hands on it and translate it for me. Because I'm not missing out.

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