Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yet Another Single From Mano...

The PV for Mano's newest single just came out recently.

Wow, that's fast. Didn't she just release a single? xD I guess Tsunku discovered that taking his time releasing singles isn't the greatest idea... (2008 was a sad year for H!P fans in terms of CD releases...)

The single is called Hajimete no Keiken, and the PV can be found above, thanks to Dohhhup!

I like it, actually~

I first heard it during H!O's AWFUL April Fool's prank (although, really, aside from the iDulls thing and all, it wasn't that off... She really is releasing more interesting music. xD)

The PV is cute and light, a lot like Otomi no Inori, and it's (Surprise!) UP-BEAT and not boring at all!

She's still wonderfully flat, though, so I'm happy. =D

But really, Mano... Don't dance. Please, don't dance. I never thought you were the greatest dancer in Ongaku Gatas, and I still don't think that... You're so not charismatic, Mano... Charming, but not charismatic at all. Just sit behind your piano and look cute. That's all you need to do.

For some reason, I feel like the Eggs behind her must have felt a little bitter when they found out they would be dancing in an ex-Egg's PV. xD It's like, rubbing her success in their faces.

I mean, Yuuka had a decent run in HIGH KING and Shugo Chara! Eggs (Kanon was in the latter, too) but still. Aside from maybe a solo or two in the concerts, majority of those Eggs aren't even recognizable. xD

I just remember Yuuka 'cause she's cute in a freakish-looking sort of way. =D

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