Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obviously I'm not the Majority. =D

Well, obviously.

The results of Paul's H!P ranking poll came out today, so I thought I'd share how my favorites matched up with the rest.

I wish I could have added Kame, Koha, Linlin, and Chinami, and Maasa and Erika, but I'm happy with my ranking. Ohh, and Yaguchi! And Mano!

*Note* These are all out of 60.

Kumai Yurina--
Kokoro Ranking: 10
Result: 20

I'm not surprised by this. Berryz is popular, and she is a popular member of Berryz. But she's not too popular, either.

Iida Kaori--
Kokoro Ranking: 9
Result: 36

She fell out of memory when she got married, but I'm glad some people still love her.

Sawada Yuri--
Kokoro Ranking: 8
Result: 59

Second to last... Ouch.

Yoshizawa Hitomi--
Kokoro Ranking: 7
Result: 14

You're a popular woman, Yossie. But I'm surprised she didn't make it to the top ten. Not her audience, I guess.

Yasuda Kei--
Kokoro Ranking: 6
Result: 41

Poor Kemeko. But I saw this coming.

Saitou Hitomi--
Kokoro Ranking: 5
Result: 52

Ouch! Taken out right away! In fact, all of Melon Kinenbi were unpopular.

Niigaki Risa--
Kokoro Ranking: 4
Result: 5

I thought she'd be at the top. She beat Shige, too. Good job, Gaki~

Ogawa Makoto--
Kokoro Ranking: 3
Result: 34

Just BARELY beat Iida! Again, most H!P fans don't remember her enough to care.

Matsuura Aya--
Kokoro Ranking: 2
Result: 15

Up there with Yossie? That's good.

Kokoro Ranking: 1
Result: 13

I was so surprised to find out that she beat Yossie. AND she's number 13, my favorite number. ;D

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