Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Summer Wedding

Shoukai shimasu
Shoukengaisha ni tsutometeru Sugimoto-san
Se wa maa hikui hou dakedo yasashii hito
Otousan to issho de tsuri ga shumi na no
Datte otousan ga
"Tsuri suki no hito ni wa warui hito wa nai" tte
Nee otousan~

That was the monologue from Morning Musume's Happy Summer Wedding. It was the first MM monologue I ever did and memorized, and I really like it. I can also translate it. xD I had to look up the meaning of shoukengaisha, though.

"I'd like to introduce
Mr. Sugimoto who works at a brokerage company
Well, he's a little short, but he's a kind person.
His hobby is fishing, like you, Dad
And you said that "Someone who likes to fish can't be a bad person"
Right, Dad?"

Of course, there are some things that I missed or misinterpreted...

But that doesn't matter! xD


Hello! Project will be releasing a compilation album next month. Coincidentally, on Koha's 17th birthday. ;D And five days before mine~

It will be titled "Chanpuru ~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~"

So in case you haven't guessed already, it's a cover album. Of songs that "should be played at weddings". Like, wedding classics. In Japan.

The album will feature 49 members of Hello! Project, including the new Mini Moni unit.

Like most of H!P covers, these are pretty much all songs from the 70's and 80's and 90's. I'm not sure if the full tracklist has been released, but we found some songs. These might be it, but I'm not sure.

I am excited about this, since it is technically a shuffle album. And we haven't had a shuffle since 2005.

The song "Diamond" by Princess Princess will also be on there, and it's one of the few old Japanese songs I know and like. xD

The album cover was released today, too, so I think I will make a few comments on it~

(Sorry the picture is so small)


So they're all wearing white and holding what looks like white roses. For those of us hoping to see some wedding dresses, hopefully we'll see something more feminine in the mini photobook.

Naturally, your eyes are drawn to Kamei in the center, mainly because she has the lightest hair in H!P at the moment. xD I mean, it's nothing close to Yaguchi or Yossie, but still.

From what I can see, Takahashi and Gaki look beautiful. I love this length on Takahashi, and Gaki's tilted head with the side ponytail? Gorgeous. Aika and Risako are the only two bad shots, I think. They must have tied Aika's hair back or something, because her hair looks weird, and Risako looks like she just sneezed. xD It's probably just because the photo is so small. When large, HQ photos are released, it'll be easier to see their faces.

What I really love is that they're placed by popularity. xD Pretty much. Takahashi and Tanaka in the first row, along with Maimi and Airi and Miyabi and Risako. These six dominate the singles that they're in. Then it's Captain and Momoko, Koha and Gaki, Saki and Mai. Well, if they switched Yurina with Captain, then we'd fully repeat the pattern. xD Behind them are Chinami, Linlin, Aika, Eri, Shige, Junjun, and Chisato. Then it's Yurina, Maasa, and Erika, and behind them are Mano and the Eggs.

I hope this doesn't represent the line distribution. xD

Here are some of the songs that they'll be covering~

Frankly, I'm kind of excited. And if there are plenty of Junjun lines, that's a good birthday present. ;D

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