Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Please Tell Me it's Just a Horrible Dream?

I am going to kill Tsunku if this is true. I swear. I mean, Hello! Online might not be the most reliable source since a lot of the time they're assuming things from ads and articles, but you know what? They're right about practically everything, except for Ishikawa being at AX and possibly the new Takahashi Ai photobook (They said that there was a photobook. How come I can't find anything but the making of video?)

But today it was an article/something that stated that Mano would be singing in Kimi ga iru dake de on the new H!P album. Sounds peachy, right? No. Because it turns out that that is Pucchimoni's song.


If this is Tsunku's twisted way of telling us that Mano is in Pucchimoni, I'm going to cry. What happened to officially announcing the groups at the summer concert? What happened to creating new, fresh groups that will bring the project back? Mano will NOT bring Pucchimoni back. She's freaking boring! Yes, I love her and all, but she's off key and wasn't even interesting in Ongaku Gatas!

This is the average Pucchimoni song:

They featured energetic beats and fairly difficult lines (they varied the pacing so much, it's a pain in the butt to dub).

This is the average Mano Erina song:

It's freaking elevator music.

Here is the Mano in Ongaku Gatas:

(her first solo is around 0:35)

Now, I must question Tsunku's judgment. You take a bunch of Eggs and put them into Ongaku Gatas. They have one thing in common: they're all on the H!P Futsal team. And they're some of the more popular and successful Eggs. Mano was in no way the most talented, and yet she got as many lines as, perhaps, Konno Asami, who had been in Morning Musume. We were all surprised when Tsunku gave her a solo career. But we shrugged, because Elder Club was graduating and they needed someone to fill the gap. And she was the only available one. And she could play the piano, so she had a gimmick.

But Pucchimoni? Come ON!

There's no way she can pull Pucchimoni off. She can't dance, she can't sing, she doesn't have a personality. Sure, she tries, but she fails. She's a cute smile, and that's it. I'm praying that she's just joining Pucchimoni, because if she's in the group for good, I'm going to beat Tsunku up.

He'd better find a damn good spot for Kamei, Junjun, and Maasa in order to make up for this.

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