Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My GOD this has been a good week. (You know, with the exception of a few things here and there).

Today Tsunku announced the second member AND LEADER of the new Mini Moni group....

Drumroll please...

*epic drumroll from the Fanime '09 Masquerade*




*does victory dance, which looks remarkably like the dance from Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo*

Tsunku heard me! xD

Okay, so I'm no longer dreading the new Mini Moni. Sneaky, Tsunku. Announcing that Kanon who, although she looks a lot like Kago Ai, has not shown any shred of humor despite her freakishly cute singing voice, waiting until everyone was depressed about the selection, and then announcing that Linlin is the leader?


I'm really excited about this. Linlin is the Mika of the group, she's the international addition to the group, she has the best voice of the group (I love Mika's voice. I really do. Even when Takahashi joined I liked Mika the best) AND has a total goofy Mini Moni personality.

I'm excited. Unless they add Maasa, there's no way that you can make me more excited about Mini Moni than I am right now.

Now we just need a subgroup for Junjun. x3

And here is the Seishun Bus Guide bus, because I'm so generous. ;D


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