Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kokoro Does Some Single Reviews~

A few singles have come out since I last did a full-blown PV review, but I haven't covered them simply because I have not cared enough. Or I have cared, I just haven't felt motivated. xD

I will review a handful of songs/singles and their respective PVs, if available, in this post starting with.... Guardian4!

Guardian4- Omakase Guardian!

Song: The song is cute. It features a fairly even distribution of lines between the four members, but, of course, Mitsui and Risako are the real focus of the song. I feel a little sorry for Yurina, actually. I don't feel like her voice suits this type of song. Risako does fine, and Saki and Aika seem perfectly comfortable. I still don't care for Aika's voice, can't she sing a whole line without her voice cracking? Really, the only person I remember from this song is Risako, but I'm not complaining.

B-side: The B-side to this song is Summer Has Come! I like it a lot better than the A-side, probably because it's a little more melodic and has a greater range in notes. The line distribution is perfectly divided, but that also means that the same people sing the same parts. I would have liked a little more variation. But for a song that's only three and a half minutes long, that's to be expected. It sounds a bit like an earlier Buono song, and I like that. But what I like the best about it is that everyone blends well, and there isn't one person standing out, like Risako was in Omakase. In my opinion, this should have been the A-side.

PV: God, the PV is AWFUL. It's incredibly low budget, and has that weird cloudiness that Mano's PVs are known for. It's boring, and really doesn't offer much. The girls are wearing their cosplays, but why are they in a baseball stadium? What does baseball have to do with Shugo Chara? It also includes clips from the anime, which I really hate. I really can't stand it. xD The only redeeming thing is that they all look cute. But I have a question: Why do you keep on insisting on putting Risako in these cute songs when she's obviously trying to take the more mature route?

Berryz Koubou- Rival

Song: God, I HATED it at first. xD I really did. But I started to listen to it even more, and I fell for it so hard. The emotion in their voices really makes it enjoyable to listen to. And I love it when they have little phrases in the background. xD Everyone rocks their solos, but I could have used maybe some Maasa? xD But it was fine with our normal line-up. Oh, and I LOVE how Risako sounds like a middle-aged woman during her second speaking line. xDDD But what really made the song for me? Risako's high note. Holy geez. The girl has a range. She's probably going to get a lot of criticism when she does that in concert, because I've noticed that people like to pick on Risako, calling her fatty and saying that she sounds like a dying cat in concert. But I like her, and I think she deserves all of the lines that she gets. In case you've forgotten, she is the youngest, and she can only get better.

B-side: Technically, this was the B-side. xD I love double A-sides, I really do.

PV: Rival is obviously the feminine side to Seishun Bus Guide, so the PV is very cute with light colors. It features lots of pinks and yellows and the girls making cute faces with sweets. Really, they all look incredibly pretty. Even Saki, who is infamous for looking awkward (when will you finally decide on a flattering hairstyle?) My only complaint is that I hate Miyabi's hair when it's straightened. The short hair is really flattering when it's curled. When it's straight, it looks strange. The winners are easily Chinami (never cut her hair ever again!), Maasa (she's gotten really pretty lately), and Yurina. Of course, Risako is gorgeous no matter what she does. Really, I just loved everything about this PV.

c-ute- Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu

Song: Okay, so Morning Musume has had their handful of covers. Berryz had their cover just last year. So it makes sense that c-ute would have theirs, right? It's a cute song, and they do it justice. There are certain parts that I really like. The chorus where they sing the "shochuu..." part with the harmonies. The cute little "mm-mm" parts in the background. Maimi and Airi's solos. But it's just those parts. It's like a movie review I just saw recently where they said that you could say that there were "good parts, but never a good movie". There were good parts in this song, but I wouldn't say it's a good song. It's growing on me, though.

B-side: N/A

PV: God, I HATE the PV. xD What is with that weird overexposure thing that Tsunku likes so much recently? It reminds me SO MUCH of Mano's recent single. xD Sure, the dresses and the dance are kinda cute, but that's not enough. I really don't care about them drawing or taking photos or smashing watermelons. I've heard people calling it a "real PV". No. Shouganai Yume Oibito was a "real PV". It had a plot and artistic shots. This was not a "real PV". This was a crappy PV. The only thing I like about the PV was how cute everyone looked in their close-ups. Their stylists have been doing a good job recently. That's about it.

s/mileage- aMa no Jaku

Song: It's cute. What else can you expect from the Eggs? The sexy Eggs went to Biyuuden. The more mature Eggs went to Ongaku. Kind of what's left are the cute Eggs. It's a cute song, and I don't hate it. But I'm not crazy about it yet. It's basically just Shugo Chara Eggs without Saho Akari.

B-side: N/A

PV: From what I can see, it's simple. Cute? I dunno.

Kago Ai- no hesitAtIon

Song: It's a cute song. I mean, it's Kago Ai. She's no Takahashi. She can sing anything and make it sound cute. I must admit, the high notes were nice, but I'm a little mad at her. I have little patience for Kago, so naturally, I'm a little critical of her. I probably would like the song if it weren't her singing it, but unfortunately, she is. I hope that the solo career can distract her from... other things. Anyway, the song is cute. It isn't all that memorable, and there wasn't really anything that stuck out.

B-side: It's called "Children of the Night". Oh boy.

PV: It's a little strange seeing Kago's voice coming out of her body. xD It's the same voice as when she was in H!P, but she's really gotten skinny and she's lost all of that baby fat. Well, smoking and cutting yourself can do that. So can FRIDAY constantly following you trying to report on yet another scandal. The PV is simple, featuring Kago just walking and standing and mouthing the words. She's hiking. Which is a little out of character, considering she was the least athletic out of Morning Musume. That's what you get when you live in LA and befriend celebrities. You go hiking? xD What really bothered me was in the beginning when she was packing her bags in her nightgown/slip/whatever. It reminded me of those awful photos she took when she just returned to Japan. She's welcome to show a different side of herself, but when you're used to the eternally innocent and cute Kago Ai, sexy and dark Kago Ai is just too much to take.

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