Friday, March 27, 2009

Idol of the Week: Fujimoto Miki


Fujimoto Miki has won Idol of the Week~

Why, do you ask?

Well, not only is she graduating from H!P next week (Noooo, don't gooooo Elder Cluuuuub) and totally rocked the new concert DVD I got (from 2004, no less ;D) but yesterday (or was it Wednesday?) it was announced that....

*drumroll please*

Fujimoto Miki is getting married!

Most people who got into Morning Musume in 2007 remember the scandal involving Fujimoto. She was caught out and about with comedian Shouji Tomoharu, and ultimately led to her graduation. Well, she was about ready to go anyway, I think. She would have eaten the pandas alive, I think. xD

Anywho, so now she's marrying Shouji, and is scheduling a wedding in July.

You know, it's nice to know that she was able to maintain the relationship for two years. Many a H!P idol has been involved in a scandal, either caught dating a man or simply hanging out with him after work. But none of them have worked out, I don't think. Well, with the exception of Tsuji. But by the time they announced their relationship, they were already engaged and expecting little baby Noa. ;D

So I'm very happy for Fujimoto. I hope you two have a happy marriage~ And I hope Shouji understands that Mikitty has that sadistic side of her... He said in the engagement announcement that "I've been captivated by Miki's kindness and straightforward personality, so I decided it's about time to seal this almost 2-year-long relationship with a wedding. From now on, we plan to clasp our hands and work hard towards reaching happiness together."


He's sweet.... =w=

BTW, the elder club has been having a lot of marriages lately. Ayaka got married a few months ago, and Tsuji and Iida have been as well, but for a bit longer. I wonder if Nakazawa will ever get married... Now that she's not part of H!P anymore and doesn't have to be the butt of all of those single-even-though-she's-in-her-late-ish-thirties jokes. xD

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