Friday, March 6, 2009

Idol of the Week: Tsugunaga Momoko


So Momoko has been having a pretty big Friday.

Not only is she featured as one of the centers of the new Berryz Koubou single coming out next week, but she has also won Idol of the Week #2!

Many fans know that today (or, rather, yesterday... I think it's the 7th already in Japan) is her seventeenth birthday.

My goodness, the H!P Kids are getting so old...! To think that she's already the same age or older of a handful of the members in Morning Musume.... They're not really the kids anymore. ;D

(The PV for Dakishimete Dakishimete proves that. x3)

If that weren't enough to insure her a spot in the IotW, today it was announced on H!O that Buono!, the group of which Momoko is a proud leader, will be making their European debut at Stockholm Japan Expo 2009 in Sweden.

Morning Musume making their debut in America, Buono! making their debut in Europe, next thing you know c-ute will be touring around Canada while Berryz visits the fans in Latin America.

(Don't say you don't think the same... ;D)

Yes, so, congratulations, Momoko, on another step towards adulthood, a new single, and a very exciting European performance.

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