Saturday, March 21, 2009

Idol of the Week: Kamei Eri


Okay, so I might have skipped IoTW last week, and was late this time.

I've been having a hard time in school. And it's been a slow few weeks in H!P news.

Anywho, in the same sort of way I BS my AP English essays, I picked any random idol and came up with a few pointless reasons why I picked that idol and now I will pretend like I had intended to pick this idol from the start. And probably by the end of the essay... err... I mean, entry.... you will all thoroughly believe that I know what I'm talking about. ;D

And maybe I'll get a six on the AP scale, who knows?

(Kokoro, you're taking that AP English thing too far... It wasn't funny, and it still isn't)

Anywho, so I picked Kamei Eri for this week's IotW!


Well, it all started when I was talking with a dubbing friend, Henry. Now, Henry loves Kamei Eri more than any other member of Morning Musume, so we talked about her and her upcoming solo in the new MM album. Of course, when you talk to a guy about his favorite member, of course there will be a lot of good feelings about that member floating around.

So I've been in a pretty pro-Kame mood for a while now.

What else?

Her solo in Platinum 9 Disc has stolen my soul. It's been stuck in my head, and I NEED TO FIND SOME FRIGGING LYRICS so I can dub it. Otherwise it will haunt me until the day I die. And even then, I'll probably bug all the other people in the cemetery with my humming.

She also won this year's "Everyone-wants-to-eat-yakitori-with-Junjun-but-she-picked-you-over-all-of-them" award. ;D

And then I was browsing through the picboard at H!O, and I found these gorgeous Platinum 9 Disc photos... (*points to Kamei Eri photo above*) And then I knew.

Kamei Eri would be receiving Idol of the Week.

BTW, since this song owns my life, here's a crappy slideshow-vid I made for it. ;D

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