Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A Nerdy-ness III


They finally ask the members about something other than food...!

Since I just got all of my H!P stuffeths today, and I'm so jazzed about a break from the food, and I found the answers pretty funny, here is part three of my Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A Nerdy-ness~

*Cue theme song!*

Warning... I'm kinda hyper, learning Nikutai wa Shojiki na EROS (Am I old enough to be singing this song...?) for an upcoming dub, and my answers may be random/silly/more stupid that usual.

(This week... Fan nicknames. ;D)

Question: What is the first thing you have on your mind when you wake up?


I wonder, when should I be leaving home today...?
I'm always thinking about my job.


There isn't room for professional-ism in Morning Musume... >.>


What will I have for breakfast~♪ (heehee) or
What should I do today´Ż░♪ (on a day off)

Do I find it weird that she giggles to herself first thing in the morning? Not at all. Who are you again?


My cultivation game!



The flow of the day to come ☆(‐▽‐)

You're weird, Shige.


I'm thinking about what DVD to watch. (●‐▽‐●)
The rule is to watch what I recorded as soon as
I wake up ☆ (my own personal rule, that is...haha)

You mean you watch yourself every morning...?

Sounds awfully wota-like to me... >.>


What day is it today?

Whenever I read this, I lose the context of her answer and automatically think that she's really confused and lost. Repeat after me, Koha. "Today is WEDNESDAY."

(Or, to be uber-cool and Japanooze like, "Kyou wa suiyoubi da. ;D")

[BTW, when you type things in all caps, it's hard to tell if you spelled things correctly. xD)


"Is it clear weather today?!!"
The weather is the first thing on my mind!!
If it's rainy, my tension goes down. ↓↓

So do you like rainy days or clear days? You seem like the type of person who would like sunny weather. Or maybe you'd be the type who really hates sunny days and startles everyone when you say so...


"Sorry to have kept you waiting, breakfast!"
I always talk to my breakfast!!

..... That is so freaking cute.

Do you speak to it in Japanese or Chinese?


First, I open my eyes...
There is nothingness...
My mind is empty....


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