Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Again, Kago....!

I must admit, ever since Kago Ai returned to Japan from LA, I've been reluctant to call her Aibon.

Well, I'll start this entry off by saying that every country needs their Lindsay Lohan. I think Kago is settling into that role nicely, but, thankfully, she's not gaining her notoriety through drug use or binge drinking.

According to H!O, Kago has been involved in YET ANOTHER scandal involving a much older man.

This time, boys and girls, he's married...!

You can find the original article here.

Apparently Kago has been in an intimate relationship with actor Mizumoto Hidejiro (who is also 11 years older than her) despite his being married. Of course, by the time FRIDAY published the article, Mizumoto and his wife had been divorced for some time, but according to his ex-wife, the divorce occured because of the affair between her husband and Kago.

Now, those of you who read Kago's blog and any interviews with her recently, you might remember that she praised a certain psychic who helped her get through her return to Japan. Believe or not, Mizumoto is the son of said psychic, and they met through her...!

However, this is FRIDAY we're talking about, and every tabloid has a chance of making some things up. But considering Kago's past offenses... Things aren't looking too great for the past Morning Musume member.

It was just a few weeks ago that I decided to research Kago, and what really happened, because at the time it happened, I was just a fan, not the obsessive H!P wota that you see today. I was shocked, and a little angry. I mean, Kago just fell apart completely. According to one interview, she even said that she cut herself. I lost all respect for her. And if this continues, I probably won't be gaining that respect back anytime soon.

Kago, in my opinion, should just stay away from Japan. She seemed to be doing well in America (you know, once the depression thing passed) and she even was able to branch out into Hong Kong, as well. So far, whenever Japan is involved, nothing good comes of it.

And I'm not just saying she should return to America because I'm hoping that her English improves to the point that she can read any lecture I might give her if, by chance, we meet.

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