Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A Nerdy-ness II

So this week's Pocket Morning Weekly is just as ridiculous and food-related as many of the other ones, but this one made me laugh quite a bit. xD

Let's take a look, shall we?

Question: You have 100 yakitoris in front of you. You are told to eat them all with one other person. Who would that be?

Takahashi Ai [AKA Takahashi]


Leader-panda yakitori time? I'd pay money to see their conversation. ;D

Niigaki Risa [AKA Gaki]

Linlin...she would probably eat
most of it for me ♪ I'm remembering
a time when we went to eat together (laughs).

Linlin stole your food, Gaki-sama? =O

Kamei Eri [AKA Kame]

Sayumi-saan ♪♪
Because the girl is a complete fool~♪♪

.... That doesn't exactly explain why you would want to share 100 yakitori with her... Maybe Kame-chan wants to trick her into giving her all of the yakitori? How sneaky, Kame. Shame on you. It's not Sayu's fault that all of her intelligence resides in those ridiculously huge bows she always wears.

Michishige Sayumi [AKA Shige Sayu]

She would give more of them to me,
and help take care of me later.

Taking all of her food AND THEN asking Gaki to care for you when you're dying of indigestion? I take it back. Kame can have all of your yakitori.

Tanaka Reina [AKA Tanaka]

Probably Junjun (●^▽^●)
I think she'd eat it all for me (laughs).

...What is with these girls? How come the pandas are most likely to eat all of your food?

Kusumi Koharu [AKA Koha]

I'd make her eat it all.

AH HA! Finally, someone who admits it! Finally, someone who admits that they won't LET the pandas eat it all, but MAKE the pandas eat it all...! (BTW, I just learned the difference between saying 'allowing' someone to do something and 'making' someone do something in Japanese class. It's annoying, the two are almost identical...)

Koha is evil... >.>

Mitsui Aika [AKA Mittsi Aika]

Junjun ☆☆
Because she'd be able to eat a lot of them!! ☆☆

....Junjun, I think there is a general misconception that you aren't a panda but a goat...

Junjun [AKA Li Chun...?]


Haha, no one gets to feed their yakitori to Junjun! >=D

Linlin [....Wait, what was her real name again? Qian Li? xD]

She has a little stomach,
so I could eat a lot (^▽^)HAHA♪

You're so ladylike, Linlin.

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