Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rolling is Fun...

Ah, the woes of a minor with no steady income...

(Pay no attention to the title, BTW. I was just trying to get your attention. ;D)

So I'm buying a buttload of H!P stuff from a person in Singapore, I think, but I can't set a price until my parents change the money I have left over from Japan and decide on how much of it they'll give me. >.>

It would be preferable if I got all of it (I still don't see the difference in me spending it all in Japan and me spending it here, on stuff I would've wanted to buy in Japan if I had gotten the chance to) but even half or less would suffice...

I'm just feeling a little frustrated, because I would like to do this SOON so I can preorder the Elder Club graduation concerts DVDs.... >.>

Just a mini rant. I was bored. ;D

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