Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Thought on the Eggs...

So, I got around to watching my new H!P DVDs (although, not entirely new... the most recent was from 2007. xD).

One of the ones I bought is a special event DVD, going through the history of the H!P Eggs. Now, at first I was disappointed and embarrassed that I had bought it thinking it was a concert, but it really is very cute. It's kinda epic, in a way. It takes you from the auditions to the pandas soon-t0-come debut, all in 27 minutes. xD Then there are interviews at the end.

My goodness.

I have a new appreciation for Sengoku Minami. She did the freaking splits, for Tsunku's sake! And then there was that awkward "Uhh.... what do I do next...?" moment after she reached the floor all the way, and after a minute, she resorted to the good old double peace signs. I fell for her hard. xD

Sawada Yuri is still my favorite egg, though. She's so composed and she looks AND acts like a star. And she has those dimples...!

If you had to point to any of those girls and say she would become a H!P soloist, Mano Erina would not be it. In her interview, she looked tired and a little sick, and she was shy and nervous. Now her shyness is part of her charm! It's a success story if you think about it. ;D

I like the Egg-turned-Possible Okada Robin Shouko? Not just because she has the same last name as a girl I went to Japan with over the summer ("All good Okada's get a full night's sleep", a girl said, and it has stuck in my head. xD) It's amazing; she's fluent in both English and Japanese, because she was raised in Boston~ I have huge respect for bilingual idols. And she just screams "American-raised". xD

Kikkawa Yuu was so adorably painful. xDD I mean, she looked so awkward and like a deer in headlights...!

Arihara Kanna... was an Egg?

And now the 8th gen. Aika was so cute back then. I mean, she still is, but now she's cute in a puppy sort of way. Back then she was just cute. Her long hair worked for her, I think. You never should have cut it~

Ohhh, Junjun. Oh, Junjun. Not only was your hair ridiculously long when you first joined H!P, but your Japanese...! I forgot how awful your Japanese was...! xD She overpronounces everything, and ends up just talking about food that she likes... Still cute, though.

Linlin's Japanese was a bit better, and it was obvious that she had been practicing longer (Junjun just sounded like she was reading off of a card or something) but still. Food? xD

Just a few thoughts on the Eggs. I want to watch their concerts now. xD

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